Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Eagle's Secret

All eagles were born to soar. Their power, however, comes not from what they can see, it is in the unseen. It is the wind, not their wings, that lifts them to the high places. It is their vision, not their eyes, that makes them rulers of the skies. But, above all these, it is their spirit, not their speed, that leads them to be strong and free." - Courtesy {The Eagle's Secret - David McNally}

Be Somebody. Do something.

Seize the day with a good laugh. Got to make sure that you laugh heartily for atleast 2-3 times a day. Make some funny expressions and enjoy being yourself. If you are not happy with yourself, it's difficult for others to be happy with you. Always try to make the environment happy and joyful by cracking jokes or by doing other funny things. Inspire the kid within you. Let him grow as a kid for as long as possible. Be somebody. Do something.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's time to add more optimistic posts

Well, I have been away from the world of blogging for a long time.It's now important for me to write optimistic posts and you know what it's time to keep doing the same thing again and again. Happiest person in the world is going to keep up the name.

From the video on secret that i recently came across --

Today is the beginning of my new life. Am starting over today. All good things are coming to me. Iam grateful to be alive.I see beauty all around me.I live with passion and purpose. I take time to laugh and play everyday. Iam awake, energized and alive. I focus on all the good things in life and give thanks to every one of them. Iam at peace and one with everything. I feel the love, the joy and the abundance. Iam free to be myself. Iam magnificence in human form. Iam the perfection of life. I am so grateful to be me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nothing more and nothing less

You have to live life every single second of it. Lost second is not going to come back. It is essential to live life to the fullest and to the happiest of it's worth. it is easy to say this but practically difficult to achieve and more importantly not so impossible to try.

Enjoy the moment and cherish the good times. Make the current time a wonderful memory that is always loved by you,your friends & family.

Few things are extremely important. Courage,faith,fun,humor and happiness for eternity. These are the building blocks of life. Nothing more and nothing less.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Worry about what?

Man!! there is absolutely no time to do all the things that we think about or dream about. How can you get time to worry about stuff and that too imaginary stuff? Well one reason why you should not worry is because it's not healthy. Another reason is that you have got to do lot of other things that is more essential and necessary.